MISSION Story Slam 1

Karen Singer won First Place at the first MISSION Story Slam and $250 for Women In Transition, a non-profit that provides services for women endangered by domestic violence & substance abuse.

Mara Nissley placed 2nd at MISSION Story Slam 1 with a funny and touching story about her grandfather and her mission to end ALS. Mara won $100 for the ALS Hope Foundation.

In our Featured Story, Michael Schweisheimer, founder of PWPvideo, tells us a story about how working with the ACLUPA helped him mourn the loss of his own marriage while staying connected to the power of love through the push for marriage equality.

Peter Handler talked about his art and his activism for the Citizen's Climate Lobby.

Benjamin Bingham talked about ethical investing, choices, and challenges.

Charlie Szoradi told a story about lighting hospitals and feeding people in Africa with energy efficient lights and the beginning of FirstLightProject.org

Sophie White told a funny and heartfelt story about the culture shock of moving from Maine to Philadelphia to work with the non-profit Back On My Feet and the joys of volunteering

Julie Hancher of Green Philly tells us a campfire tale

Kevin Lee told us a story about his mid-life crisis job teaching in NYC

We coaxed WHYY's Katie Colaneri to tell us a story about feeding Nazis in a soup kitchen

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